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Level 1

Mobbing through the forest, the PCs are ambushed! They survive, and miraculously make it to level two after only 4 combat sessions…

Level 2

The PCs are tasked with the clearance of a dangerous trade route. When they reach the bandit’s compound, the PCs find something curious about those who had taken up arms against them…

Level 3

An attack coordinated by the local Fighter’s Guild against a kobold stronghold resulted in failure. However, now that the stronghold’s numbers have thinned out from the Fighter’s Guild’s efforts, now is a good time for the PCs to strike!

Level 4

Lizardmen and Kobolds have been seen cooperating in raids. Their base of operations seems to be a cemetary claimed by swampland. The PCs investigate, and encounter more than they anticipated…

Level 5

Kruthik are destroying crops of an unknown origin. In any case, Mr. Johnson want the threat eliminated. Where are these damn things coming from? What’s the nature of this complex in which they are thriving?

Level 6

Deep in this hidden complex, oddly matched forces seem to be desperate to keep something secret.

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Main Page

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